Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Note to Self

Whatever you are tempted to believe

is wrong with your life,

is not what is wrong.

Your heart

is what is wrong.


Every time.

Without exception.

You have slipped into idolatry


and have begun to worship


or someone

other than



Get still.


Remember who He is.

Remember what He has done for you -

once forever

and over and over again.

Remember where you would be without Him.

Remember where you always end up without Him.

Turn around.

Look up.

Worship God. 

1 comment:

  1. I was flipping thru BlogSpot and your name caught my eye. Is your first name Cheryl? Have you ever lived in Holland? My name is Cheryl Shaw and my family lived in Holland from 1990-92 then to Heidelberg, Germany. I went to PWOC in Holland with a young lady named Cheryl Teetsel...two kids Eric and Marie. I see in a further down post that you also have a daughter named Marie. If this is you then it truly is a small world!